Keith Lewis

Lawyer, multimedia and print journalist

Published across a wide range of media including to international and national audiences through web articles, newspapers, and magazines. Work includes editorials, objective news reporting, non-partisan news coverage of legal and regulatory news out of Washington, profiles/bios, analysis, and even satire/humor.

About Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis is a Washington DC-based journalist with a deep background in law.

After more than a decade of litigation experience as an attorney representing clients in federal and state courts, Keith became a journalist in 2019 and now covers a range of legal and regulatory issues out of Washington.

Keith's passion is legal reform and he develops non-partisan, incentive-based solutions to repair America's broken legal system. 

Now working full time in journalism, Keith also remains available for freelance writing and multimedia projects, speaking engagements, and media appearances on a case-by-case basis. 

Tel: 202-740-6885

Licensed to practice law in Georgia, Colorado, and the District of Columbia.

B.A. in Economics, Georgia State University
J.D., Florida State University
LL.M. in Taxation, University of Denver