Keith Lewis

Lawyer, multimedia and print journalist

Published across a wide range of media including to international and national audiences through web articles, newspapers, and magazines. Work includes editorials, objective news reporting, non-partisan news coverage of legal and regulatory news out of Washington, profiles/bios, analysis, and even satire/humor.

It’s Complicated ~ By Keith Lewis

The Docket roots out wasteful, old-fashioned and meaningless procedures that remain affixed to our profession so as to annoy us way too often. The legal system has changed drastically since Christopher Columbus Langdell, Dean of Harvard Law in the 1880s, developed the law school curriculum under which we all learned. Much has changed since the beginning of the electronic age: We now use word processing software to draft our pleadings and motions and e-filing software to submit them. And let’s b

A Wealth of Knowledge Is Available in Judiciary’s Annual Stats ~ By Keith Lewis

It has been said that knowledge is power. The Office of the State Court Administrator is building an incredible arsenal of information that is also available to the public. For years, the Office of the State Court Administrator has gathered caseload statistics and financial data for all Colorado courts. This sizable body of data contains objective feedback about how our courts are performing, which is crucial information for law professors, social scientists, journalists and policymakers seeking

A Return to Civility in the Legal Profession: The Demise of Pitbull Lawyering | The Docket

It’s not exactly a surprise that the legal profession is not viewed favorably among most Americans. Some lawyers attribute our fall from the public’s grace to the rise of advertising; some blame the billable hour. Others cite the dissatisfaction on the growing complexity of the law and the added pressure and expense that it brings. While these are definitely issues that may need attention, I have come to the conclusion that the decline of civility among fellow lawyers is the larger problem—and m